Fee Schedule

A mandatory $30.00 service fee is automatically applied to every service request. This fee is required regardless of whether the service can be completed or not.

Roadside Wichita extends its services throughout Wichita, Kansas, and within a 25-mile radius from downtown Wichita. If your location falls beyond this radius, a mileage fee may be applied.

Hazardous Weather

If you require services during inclement weather, a hazardous weather fee may be added to your service fee.

Increased work

If additional work is required to complete the service, an extra fee may be applied. Examples include instances during a jumpstart where the battery is not easily accessible, during a tire change when the technician needs to relocate personal items to access a spare tire, encountering difficulty with lug nuts or removing the tire, or any other unforeseen circumstances disclosed at the time of service.

Wait or Stand-By

If the customer is not present when the technician arrives, any waiting or stand-by time will incur a per-minute fee after the first 10 minutes.

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